Our family consist of Daddy, Matt, Sr., Mommy, Starr, Matthew, Jr. & Elizabeth Mary. Mommy & Daddy started a relationship in May of 2005. Matthew was born December of 2006 and 13 short months after, they welcomed Elizabeth to the family.

Family is a haven in a heartless world!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Celebrating Matthew & Lizzie's Birthdays!!

This year, we are celebrating Matt & Lizzie's birthdays together! Matthew will be 5 December 14th and Lizzie is turning 4 January 14th. With the Holidays near, we just decided to give them one party together! We are going to get away with having their parties together for as long as we can! LOL! Their special fun party is December 3rd from 12:30-3:30 and you may feel free to email me at: matt_liz_mommy@yahoo.com to find out more information. They'd love to see all of their family & friends join in on the fun of celebrating their special day!!

Why I decided to start "Our Family Blog"

Well, thank you for joining us. I decided to start "Our Family Blog" to keep family and friends updated, post photos, post how we're doing and what we're up to. Mainly, this will be about our Prince Matthew & Princess Elizabeth. Check back often. I will post photos on a daily basis.